Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships

Boon, S.D., Shaw, M. & MacKinnon, S.L. (2008). Grandparent health and young adults’ judgments of their grandparent-grandchild relationships. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 6(2), 155-173.

Abstract: Using the Common-Sense Model of illness representations (Leventhal, Myer, & Nerenz, 1980) as a framework, we investigated impairment-related variables as predictors of young adults’ experiences in relationships with ill/disabled grandparents. Undergraduates (N = 153) completed a questionnaire about their relationships with grandparents who lived with cognitive, physical, or psychological impairment(s). The extent to which participants worried about their grandparents’ health/well being and their perceptions of (a) the severity of their grandparents’ impairments and (b) the degree to which these impairments affected areas of their own lives were predictors. Satisfaction with contact, investment in the relationship, and family strain resulting from the grandparents’ impairment served as criterion variables. Results support the utility of examining grandparent health in research on grandparent-grandchild relationships.

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